From a existing Xero user perspective I couldn’t get information from all my Xero accounts for instant and easy access. Hence we were inspired to create an app that could easily and cheaply give a high level overview of a single or multiple Xero accounts, as I couldn’t find anything similar in the Xero Marketplace or anywhere on the web.

What it does

It integrates with Xero accounts and pulls data periodically and displays a high level overview of your business. Turnover, GP, NP per Xero account by day, month or financial and we give you an overall consolidated view too. We ave also created graphs that are easy to read and give you fairly detail view

How we built it

Figero was build from a top down approach, first we made the web interface to interact with the Xero API. Then we expanded the web interface into an API the mobile app can query to get up2date information.

Challenges we ran into

Some of the challenges included getting the right amount of data without hitting the api rate limit , which of the data to save and which of the data to ignore. Secondly we had to cater for organisations that was not just in Rands but also in other foreign currencies.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Creating an app that is easy to use and setup, is a worthwhile addition to a Xero business owner. We have had a tremendous response from business owners and accountants alike so far during our Beta phase.

What we learned

That one’s perspective of how a high level overview compared to another Xero/business user is completely different. We have added and continue to add to the app to try and encompass all requests so far, to make it a necessity for a Xero business owner to have.

What's next for Figero

To become Registered on the Xero Marketplace and grow the app for the international market.

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