What is figboard?

figboard is an APP that provides workers a way to ANONYMOUSLY post their Skills, Traits and Terms for recruiters; header-hunters, and employers to find.


I don't use employment websites and here is why:

  • As a candidate there are a lot of recruiters that can waste your time.
  • As an Employer there are a lot of recruiters and unskilled candidates that can waste your time.

So what's different from Monster, Dice or Craigslist?

figboard allows workers and employers an anonymous way to agree on the fundamentals of an employment relationship before sharing personal names, company names or vacancies within an organization.

Who can use it?

Anyone from database administrator looking for some extra cash in moonlight writing reports; full-time office administrator, live-in nanny or even a gutter cleaning service.


figboard is a decentralized application hosted on the Ethereum Classic block-chain (ETC).

  • ETC Smart Contracts
  • ION (Binary Object Notation) from IAP suite
  • Unity Mobile DAPP
  • AWS

How does it work?

I would rather show then tell and I am not quite ready to show.

Why ETC and not ETH?

figboard was original planned as a proposal for the DAO. Due to the decisions by the Ethereum Foundation to hard fork I have decided to continue on the original block chain as planned. Since figboard will not hold large balance in any of its smart-contracts ETC will serve as a better vehicle due to cheaper gas costs as well.

Release Date?

Assuming integration testing continues as planned Q4 2016.

Who are you?

My name is Marc Hansen I am a crazy ENTP who never sleeps. I have worked as a software architect for 12 years. I won bronze in the 2015 Oculus Mobile Game Jam with my entry polo. I am passionate about block chain tech and so excited to be working on figboard!

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