Did you know Fifteen Puzzle ? this is the very famous game in our childhood time. So build it and let friends to play it is my motivation to create this game

What it does

G game, a puzzle game. You use your mouse, or AWSD, or cursor keys to move the tile to make those in order, and you will win.

How I built it

Start from scratch by create-react-app, i built the cell, board, nav bar, login site, and all game logic inside it. After all, i inject Blockstack authentication into this to save best play.

Challenges I ran into

It was not so difficult to build the game logic, but make it become easy to use and beautiful, adjust the css is really painful. I've used whole day to adjust right, left, top, bottom, padding, margin...

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Game is fun. I've show to many my friends and let them play it.

What I learned

I've became familiar with bootstrap and css adjustion.

What's next for Fifteen Puzzle

Make a leaderboard to share score with other people.

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