Only 57% of the US population identify as financially literate (2015 Standard & Poor's Global Financial Literacy Survey) while approximately 39% of Canadian millennial men said they were concerned about their level of literacy compared to 29% of Canadian women said they were worried (GlobalNews). Indicating that overall, there may be a disconnect between an individual's financial health and their

FIFI, the Voice-Activated Financial Advisor/Corgi, looks to empower every individual with access to advance analytics and easily available financial data. FIFI will help make financial information and advice more accessible, provide tools to make informed decisions, anywhere and anytime you need it.

What it does

FIFI can predict future stock prices, provide portfolios recommendations, get your current balance, find stocks and provide current prices, calculate risk (beta) of stock, calculate risk (Beta) of your portfolio, purchase and unload shares.

How we built it

It uses DiologFlow for the user-facing side feeding voice data into Google Chat. We then use a node API to send data about stocks to it where R codes are then implemented to run statistical models to analyze stocks and make predictions which is exposed by a Python API.

What we learned

It was the first time we used DiologFlow. We also learned how to integrate many different API structures. Financial analytics was also informative to different students.

What's next for Fifi: Voice Activated Financial Advisor

FIFI will be able to:

  1. Leverage ML to Optimize Portfolio Returns
  2. Analyze All International Stocks across Exchanges
  3. Execute Complex Trades (Futures, Options, Limits, Shorts, etc.)
  4. Use ML to Develop Proprietary Financial Products
  5. Train AI to Better Identify Intent behind Survey Answers
  6. Financial Encyclopedia to help Improve User Financial Literacy

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