I (Vicente) came to Japan for Hanami season thanks to a friend's suggestion and ended up staying longer time and searching for interesting things to do, which brought me to finding this hackathon. I would have loved to have a place that aggregates interesting events for me, plus can recommend me where should I travel after before my visa expires out.

What it does

We help you search for unique and sometimes only seasonal activities around the world, plus showing what else is happening in town by the moment of your arrival.

How we built it

We created first a manual database on google spreadsheets and then tried to put the info in a sqlite DB. Rest is integration of APIs and manual research.

Challenges we ran into

Learning how to use bluemix, defining how to do the database, dealing with the dinosaur API of the World Bank.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

I learned how to use APIs and a little bit of sass (I've a business background)

What we learned

We thought it was going to take us just some hours and ended up getting stuck over and over.

What's next for Fiestack

Start using this site for ourselves!

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