No matter where humans travel, we wait in line. Either for the rest room, airport, and especially on a cruise ship. Fiesta De Carnival, reduces boredom through waiting in line by implementing an information sign and Trivia game that is connected through a QR code. It asks the players for their name and the game begins. Using IOT sockets we are able to connect more than one device to the Trivia system. This allows users to interact with their devices through hands free and will be mainstream in the future. This metamorphosis will allow developers to create up-to-the-minute applications. "Trivia It Up" instructs the players to push a button depending on the answer to the question. This state of the art technology will also let the players know which answer is correct through outputting the answer. The questions and answers are pulled from a database through a Json object. For companies, "Trivia It Up" can also be filtered through so that the questions can be tailored to their customers needs via categories and trivia apis. Fiesta De Carnival is an information multimedia sign that holds information about future events, excursions, departures, on sea activities, and important safety information. This is more than just trivia or an interactive sign, this is an advertisement game changer.

What it does

"Fiesta De Carnival" is a multimedia displayed sign tailored especially to cruise lines, restaurants, bars, and small businesses. When a user runs this app, it opens a page with the business' logo, then will continue to "slide" through excursion information listed with ratings, social media, ship information, restaurant names, floor plans, and more. This interactive sign also lets the passengers know about future events while on their Fiesta and important safety information before they take a Siesta. This special sign can be played for any event or any company. It also can play html5 videos for those hard to explain situations. At this Hack A Thon, we wanted to prove what envelopes can be pushed when it comes to advertisements and interactions between machine and human. "Trivia It Up" instructs the players to push a button depending on the answer to the random trivia question. It will give the answer and tally up the answers. Then "Trivia It Up" will categorize and decide which person was correct.

How we built it

We split up the work and collaborated throughout the coding process. We used JetBrains Web Storm and immersed ourselves with javascript, HTML5, and CSS to create each "sign slide." We also created a JSON database where questions and answers will be pulled every time the game starts. It will be filtered by multiple categories and randomized. The AI code was created but unfortunately, was not able to be implemented at this time. We have to substitute using buttons instead and will continue to implement more into it.

Challenges we ran into

The Instagram Widget stopped working while we were testing our code so we had to sacrifice a major social media outlet for this application however, we proceeded to persevere and figure out how to do without. The trivia questions were also difficult considering that the answer would appear or the elapsed time would either be too quick or too slow to answer. Consequently, it caused us to work harder so that our customers would be able to play our game. The questions were also very difficult considering that trivia apis are not originally from the person who posted it on Git Hub. We also had to go to our bank of questions in a database as well as creating our own. Lastly, the A.I that we originally trained would not locate the data in the correct location.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud that we were able to create something as versatile as this. This type of template can be used for any sign or plug in game. We are also proud that we can enhance the way we see signs.

What's next for Fiesta De Carnival

To continue to create signs using this type of layout and create more game plug ins so that signs can become more interactive. We do have the code saved and will continue to train and enhance our future games. We will be including up to date weather and more social media capability to the signs.

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posted an update

Thank you for everyone that has liked this project. The updates will be as followed: Add Instagram widget and more social media, add weather and wave heights for each excursion, more animation, real time reviews for each excursion by social media and etc, touch screen capability, and more plug in games. If you have any questions please let us know! Kristine

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