Operational Thesis - Non-state actor attacking a Critical Asset with an explosive laden commercial off the shelf drone Bad Guy - Non expert radical that is innovative, untrained, not stupid they are a footsoldier of a cause Proposed Solution - System of systems approach to detect, track, identify and eliminate using a modular system of ‘scout’ drones for persistent surveillance with a swarm of ‘attack’ drones

Assumptions Unimpeded EM Spectrum “Man in the Loop” required PVT data input Black Box - Drone identification Black Box - Guidance system Minimal Collateral damage w/ drone elimination above 100 AGL No control of movement of target of the drone Target is non fixed asset (mobile) We do not have “Eye in the Sky” Non dirty battlefield (optics, sensors, signal)

Risk Battery Signal interference, no line of sight RF Signalling Field team adaption PVT Data Enemy drone carrying Chem/Bio payload

Manned-Unmanned team with semi-autonomous drone scout and interceptors


Machine learning models trained in field can be applied in other applications

Swappable payloads to adapt to situational need

Built using 2018 technology by integrating proven commercial and military technologies

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