FIDI Storage

Our servers are successfully deployed and will run until the end of the hackathon. Try out our prototype/hack now!


FIDI Storage is a product unlike anything else. With the recent increase of security breaches, be it celebrity photos or people's credit card numbers, our personal privacy and online safety is severely compromised. People used to trust large companies to keep their data safe. However, no amount of trust can protect the consumers from internal breaches of the company. That's why we created FIDI

What is FIDI

FIDI stands for Freedom in Defending Information. We believe in empowering our users by giving them an absolute way to secure their data. Every user's file is encrypted on the server using state of the art encryption algorithms. Furthermore, the ability to access these files through the decryption keys are limited by a second layer of encryption which only the user have access to.

How to use FIDI

When you sign up for FIDI, you are presented with a secret key which is used to access your data. You copy and paste this secret into any word processor for safe keeping. Our employees nor any data breach of our data center will compromise your data because only you can directly decrypt your data.


FIDI can be deployed on any file system and also will be provided as a web service. We plan on targeting both the consumer market by providing a simplistic and usable web/mobile app for people to secure their data and the commercial market with a commercial API product.

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