The sculpture tells the traditional Chinese story of Chang'e. There once was 10 suns that scorched the world, and her husband shot down 10 of them. As a reward, he was given an elixir of immortality but didn't drink it because he did not want to live without her. One day, someone attempted to steal it while he was gone, and she was forced to drink it. Not wanting to leave her husband, she rose up into the moon, the nearest object in the sky.

What it does

It is a kinetic sculpture. Gears move and rotate various objects like a sun around a background.

How we built it

We cut and painted wood, and laser cut gears and hooked them up to motors.

Challenges we ran into

Gears are hard to make, and automatic gear generating programs are hard to translate into a laser-cutting file. Furthermore, one of our members suffered a minor injury early on.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We're proud of successfully creating gears

What we learned

Our newer members learned machining.

What's next for Fidget Spinner 2.0

Fidget Spinner 3.0 will be lit up with lights and will feature even more authentic Chinese-styled artwork

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