There were a lot of fidget spinners at the event, ok?

What it does

This is a free to play, early access, open world, roguelike, roguelite, sandbox, competitive video game. Well, that's what we were going to do but then we thought of this.

How we built it

Redbull and no shame.

Challenges we ran into

Zack felt shame at some point.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We handcrafted the physics of the fidget spinning to accurately depict what would happen if you had fidget spinners and a ballpoint pen spinning in a large basin, assuming they're tops and not trendy toys and/or office supplies. We also recorded authentic fidget sound effects and sculpted thematic music to enhance the user experience. When the user navigates the menus and bountiful game modes, they'll forget they're playing the cheap handiwork of 3 caffeine-addled young "adults".

What we learned

In order to create something so simple as a game where spinning tops bounce into each other, there are many underlying factors to consider that is much aided by having a team to talk through it with. In other words, insulting each other (and their code) until it works.

What's next for Fidget Skirmish

With luck, nothing. But we were toying with the idea of a mobile version to appeal to middle schoolers with poor taste...

Built With

  • unity2d-powered-by-c#
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