Majority of Pakistanis rely heavily on bottled-water and water plants. We trust blindly on them and don't think much if the water they are providing is as pure as they claim it to be. Chief Justice of Pakistan banned 24 water bottle companies in January 2018.

What it does

It checks whether the water is acceptable or not. It calculates the value of siemens and compare it to the international ISO standards defined.

How we built it

Tools and Technologies Used: (1) Aurdino (2) Android Studio (3) Sensors (4) Bluetooth chip

Challenges we ran into

The biggest challenge was the limited time provided to us so, all the team was working under and immense pressure. But at the end of the day, we successfully made our product .


We are proud that we are able to build this device pocket-sized. Highly configurable. Adaptable to the user needs.

What we learned

Civic hackathon have exposed us a professional environment. Due to limited time of 2 and a half-days, time was a big issue. Time management and ability to work under pressure was the most important skills we learnt here. Moreover, we learned teamwork, dedication, commitment, and networking with other potential entrepreneurs.

What's next for FIDeTech

FIDeTech stands for Fluid Impurity Detection Technology. As the name implies, the device is not only meant to check the purity of water, but for other type of fluids as well. We are aiming our product to check the purity of Petrol, Milk, and Acids also. Poor quality of petrol deteriorates engine over time. The user can check the purity and components within the petrol on the spot and can assess the quality him/herself. Milk adulteration is a huge problem in our country. Local markets sell milk adulterated with water, starch, or whey. Detection of these components is a challenging task as they mix well with the milk and, in case of starch and whey, the overall density of milk remains intact; this is not the case with water as it lowers the viscosity of milk and hence, used rarely nowadays.

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