Okay, we all love a free pizza. But seriously, those little cardboard papers are never in our pockets when we need them ! They take place, consume our planet lungs just to hang somewhere in a drawer and in the end, everybody lose.

So why not incorporating those little cardsinto the one thing everybody always carries around ? The smartphone!

What it does

Our project is first and foremost a convenience for the customers, but they also offer great advantages to small businesses:

  • no more cards to print/stamp/distribute;
  • quick and simple procedure to enter promotions and scan clients during the purchase;
  • no need for special apparatus;
  • automatic publicity through the app (discover feature);
  • statistics and aggregated views of the customers, but with complete anonymisation.

Users privacy is safe, their wallet is lighter, they enjoy more free gifts... With a single app: Fidelizy.

How we built it

The main technologies were Ionic for the mobile app, VueJS for the management interface and Firebase as a link between the two (host engine and real-time databases).

Challenges we ran into

Getting through the night without napping; figuring out how other people coded wrappers around firebase simply to understand 5 hours later the that original firebase script is very easy to use and efficient.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

It's running/working ! And there is an octopus in the splashscreen (well, at least there was during most of the development).

What we learned

  • Not all libs are good libs;
  • Object/Array ... args !

What's next for Fidelizy

Hum... Clients and users ? Also showing stats to managers.

Built With

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