Team 27 - FIBY


Requirement of Convenience and ease of use for repairs of various goods.

What it does

The project is to be developed along the concept of making it "EASY" for the users to reach out to various platforms for repair of the products which we all use in our daily practices (eg. Washing Machine, Refrigerator, T.V ,etc.) In case ,they may face any problems and are unaware about it's details. It'll save your time and reduce the complications you face will surfing through various online platforms or wandering through many service providers.

How It works

This project is to be developed along the concept of making it “EASY” for the users to reach out to various platforms for repair of the products which we all use in our daily practices (e.g.- washing machines ,refrigerators ,T.V ,etc.) in case, they face any problems and are unaware about its details. It will also reduce drastically the time taken and the complications involved while browsing or surfing through various platforms (be it Google or YouTube) or wander through different service providers.

The software would use data blending technology for consolidating all the relevant information entered by the user in the form of text. In this, data is extracted from multiple transactional databases, transformed into a normalized format for analysis.

The software would use an image recognition system to identify the details of the product in question. This function would be based on Google Lens ,furthermore the user will have to give the model number of the product ,if the user is unable to do so, the software would execute the query based only on the company.

The product recognition would work in the following steps: The product would first be categorised based on its size and shape. Further, the product brand will be identified or entered by the user. Then, similar images available on the internet will be compared to the product in question by the program as well as by the user. The software would also use other third-party image and product recognition software.

Thereafter, the user will have to describe the problem (if not evidently visible/additional problem(s) which are not visible) by either typing about it in detail or using a speech-to-text engine.

We will be providing the user with 3 options. The option’s will be displayed along with a tag saying ‘RECOMMENDED’ based on which option would provide the user with easiest, cheapest and efficient solution.

The software would then initiate a search query for the product and the defect in question, the solutions available to people facing same problems as in the help section of the product website and the product manual would be displayed as the ‘FIRST’ option. Third party web-pages which already address similar problems as to that of customer would also be provided in search results as per their ratings.

(Data Blending and Data Analytics Tools will be used to make this process much more efficient and user-friendly.)

The ‘SECOND’ option would represent video tutorial solutions for simple problems which would be sorted according to a rating given to each of the videos and by synchronizing the keywords given by the user and the video solutions available at various platforms . This rating would be given based on the comments and the popularity of the solution.

The ‘THIRD’ and the last option would be the contact details of service centres and private technicians who would be able to resolve all the issues which could not be resolved in the aforementioned points. These technicians would be available from a variety of places like the official service centres, applications like Urban Company, and locally renowned technicians with high ratings as well as with a rating and feedback system based on prior customer reviews. All the details regarding the service provider will be made available (Address, Contact No.,etc.) for the user’s convenience.

Challenges I ran into

The standard diagnosis made it very difficult to find out and working with image recognition, filtering According to unbiased rating.

What I learnt

Technology at par can do wonders ,needed if we have the skills required to change things around us ,along with learning the morales and invoking the spirit of being united ,as a team.

What's next for FIBY (Fix It By Yourself)

Expansion into other areas in the service industry.

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