Eating, one of the fundamental needs of the human being, one of the greatest pleasures in life, and despite the fact that we all love to eat, very few of us know how to cook, and not knowing how to do it not only lies in the need to depend on someone to eat, It can also cause problems. According to the British chef Jamie Oliver, the obesity problem that is rooted in the United Kingdom is mostly due to the lack of knowledge to prepare food, which makes us depend on junk food or simply not eating, and this can occur not only in United Kingdom but worldwide.

Our inspirations is taken from the problem that a lot of people have the limitance in kitchen, are afraid to get close to it and prepare their favorite dish. Nowadays, for the quarantine around the world, a lot of people want to take the iniciative to learn, and Fibonacci could help in this task, making prepare a recipe in a funny process, learning until you play.

What it does

FIBONACCI is application that contains recipes that you cook, you can make step by step alone, or with the company of LEO, an assistant created in WIT.AI to have a fluid conversation while creating your favorite dish. FIBONACCI, in addition to being a cookbook, also has a touch of gamification, which allows you to challenge yourself and your friends to learn new dishes and increase your skills in the kitchen, until you become the best cook in the app, and in the LEO sous chef at his prestigious restaurant Fibonacci.

How I built it -Vue -Node.js -Firebase

We builr an serverless API with REST, hosted in Firebases Docs: And the PWA, in Vue.js conects to it We use Firebase for auth and db

Challenges I ran into

Learning the integration of with our own web app was one of the biggest challenges that we face, fortunately, we could passed by and have a very nice final result.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We are proud of Leo, our chef bot maked with wit.ia, second the design of the app and the powerful api the core of the chat!

What we learned

We learned how to create our own Api Rest with the information of the recipes so we can use them in our web app, we learned how to manage backend loading information from the database and storing information to the database, also front end with Vue. We learned how to communicate with API, we learned on how to create different intents and how to use entities with useful data so we can change the flow of the conversation.

What's next for Fibonaccis's

We can make cooking more than a laborious task, it could become a game for many people who fear starting on this path, and the potential of the idea is fully scalable, supplying one of the basic needs of the human being, and in a future, make interactions through speech, send challenges to your friends to cook together, know the price of the ingredients that you need to cook, share in social media all the recipes that you prepare and know what all your friends said about it, create an entire ecosystem around this app.

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