We love our university and we wanted to develop some game located in there. As catalans, we also love dragons so we mixed this two awesome components to build the ultimate videogame for FIB students.

What it does

It's a realtime videogame for all platforms where 5 teams have to dominate with their dragons the central tower of our university (FIB) when the clock time is over. To make this more funny we have added the capability for the dragons to shoot and kill the dragons of the other teams, so the competition gets really hot and intense.

How we built it

We basically used Unity and a bunch of creativity and love. Additionally, we used Mapbox to autogenerate the maps.

Challenges we ran into

Dragons were worth 9 beers in the Asset Store. That hurt :( It was also difficult to locate interest points in our uni, it seems that there aren't many interesting things here :(

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Our dragons are so cute, and they are pretty well integrated to our university ecosystem.

What we learned

It's better to invest 18$ in Unity Dragons than in 9 beers.

What's next for FIB Dragon Tower Defense

Extend this awesome game until make it the king e-sport in our university.

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