Inspiration: Bikes are easy to steal, and difficult to track. Solution: Fiasco!

What it does: Locate, track, secure your bike wherever you are, Fiasco is an easy to use, low-maintenance locator device for everyday usage. Detecting acceleration, and accessing previous GPS data from the user’s phone, the system warns the user or locates its bike when asked. As a bonus it is also capable of checking for accidents assuming a fast deceleration.

How we built it: Similar to how many tech start-ups work we used cutting edge unsupported open source hardware chosen specifically for the task we didn't want to do.

Challenges we ran into: The hardware so new, so cutting edge, that nobody knows how to make it work. Not knowing the actual capabilities and services of the tools we first decided to use.

Accomplishments that we're proud of: We changed hardware several times, thus getting invaluable experience working with these kinds of technologies. Hence, we became so good at pivoting on the hardware we were using, it was insane.

What we learned: As of 2019, the market has been flooded by countless opensource microcontrollers and other fast prototyping hardwares resulting a great challenge when it comes to choosing the ideal tool for a specific project.

What's next for Fiasco: The possibilities are endless!

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