INSPIRATION Make reserving study spaces more intuitive and easier

CHALLENGES Integrating the Estimote SDK and trying to use the NYU Libraries API.

WHO IS A GOOD FIT FOR THIS PROJECT? Android Developers and people who like to build stuff.

WHAT I LEARNED? I learned how to use Estimotes and how to make apps that use them efficiently.

WHAT'S NEXT? More efficient integration of the NYU Libraries API with more Estimotes spanning an entire network that makes the navigation process seamless and almost terrifyingly wonderful.

The same concept can be expanded to other things such as giving an updated list of books pertaining to a certain major.

This can also be employed in the health and wellness track, where a system monitors your physical activity the moment you start using a treadmill or any other equipment. The "moment you start using" that equipment could be detected by the Estimote Beacon.

A BETTER NYU This would help create more efficient navigation within Bobst Library or other libraries where finding empty study spaces is hard for people. It also makes the whole process more intuitive.

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