User problem: building and maintaining saving habits ⇒ mastering delayed gratification

What it does

Rationale: Fi automatically saves x% of income each day based on user-specified goals Differentiation: social, points-based system creates incentive through competitive spirit at 0 cost to Fi

How I built it

Backend: Express.JS, Mongoose, and MongoDB

  • login + signup features
  • store user data, e.g. friends list, financial information, account information Frontend: React-Native
  • leverage database to construct graphical models, e.g. charts, leaderboard

What's next for Fi

Future features:

  • User sets savings goal of x% ⇒ x points/day
  • Add points based on savings streak
  • Leaderboard with friends to foster competitive spirit
  • Level system
  • Customization options, e.g. user avatars, purchase virtual items with points
  • Optional: automatically deposit into savings account at the end of each month
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