According to Washingtonpost source ( and tmbank post source ( Something is spreading rapidly around the world in the wake of COVID-19.
A new Covid19 Connection Movement called CareMongering is sweeping the Globe.

According to, CareMongerings simply means coming together and supporting one another. In response to the Fearmongering/Scaremongering that arises following the current coronavirus pandemic, Caremongering was created to encourage members of a community to connect with each other in a positive way. The idea behind the movement is to help spread the opposite of panic, driving a real sense of community and helping those among us who are more vulnerable or isolated.

People from many different backgrounds are joining these groups to help others within their community,particularly those who are more at risk from coronavirus, in many different ways, including: Going to the supermarket to pick up groceries
Posting mail
Walking dogs – or other pets – for those who can’t leave the house
Running urgent errands etc.
You can ready more about Caremongering from the 2 Site links posted above..

Florida Helpers is an application was created after our learning about Caremongering Movements created across the globe in wake of Covid19 Menance..

In wake of this Covid-19 Pandemic, We have observed creation of various Posts with various hashtags on numerous Social Media Networks like Whatsapp, Facebook etc. where countless no. of people, communities, Care-mongers etc. comes together to Seek Help or Offer help to the needy in their various communities.

All this Social Media and Care-mongering Groups are very fantastic as they assist in connecting and helping those who wants to offer help with those who needs help..

With this Covid-19 Pandemic, they are numerous People who needs help with their day to day activities ranging from Glocery Delivery, Advice, Eldery Care, Child Care, Transportaions, Grocery Shoppings, Opportunities/Careers, Professional Services, Racism, Sexual Harressments, Police Brutality, Handy Work, Jobs, Governance, Health-Care, Insurance, Business, Foods, Environments, Justice, Protests, Others etc.

The question is, even with other Social Networks, Facebook, Whatsapps etc in place, how do we provide the best environments to connect the needy with those who are eager to help. To this effect, Florida Helpers Application was born.

The Person who is offering to help is called the Help Offerer
The Person who is seeking for help is called the Help Seeker

What It Does:

Florida Helper is an application System designed to connect and match People who needs help with those who are willing to help them.
It allows registered/verified Members to create a Post on the kind of help they want to offer or kind of help/assistance they are seeking for. To create a Post, one can choose if he/she is offering a Help or Seeking for Help and can pick help category type Eg Governance, Mobility, Health,Grocery Delivery, Elderly-Care, Advice, Police Brutality, Sexual Harassment etc.

Once a Post is Created, Other Community Members who are interested in your Post can reply to you to further discussions in the Comments Section. They can also Like/Unlike you Post. They can also send You a Friend Request from the Post you created or from your profile and upon request acceptance, Both of you can send and recieve private Text Messages

More importantly, The applications has rewarding System called Florida Helper Points and Gaming levels to show appreciations and reward users for their Kindness and help towards others in their various Communities.

In the next section below, you will see how the apps works, how users gets rewarding Points and how the System upgrades Users from one Level to another based on the Users efforts and contributions towards helping the needy in their various Local Communities.

Already made test Account

You can quickly test the application if you do not want to signup within the app
Password: 123

How it Works

Step 1: Signup & Login
Get Signup and be verified to gain Startment 100 Florida Helper Points. Once signed up, you will be placed in Helper Game Level 1 and you will upgrade to next level from there based on your Help and Contributions

Step 2: Creating a Post to Help Someone
You can create a Post when Offering or Seeking to Help someone for everyday things. Helper Categories can range from Glocery Delivery, Advice, Eldery Care, Child Care, Transportaions, Grocery Shoppings, Opportunities/Careers, Professional Services, Racism, Sexual Harressments, Police Brutality, Handy Work, Jobs, Governance, Health-Care, Insurance, Business, Foods, Environments, Justice, Protests, Others etc. etc.

Step 3: New Post Points Awards Updates
Each time you create New Post Whether you are Offering Help or Seeking for Help, You gain additional 50 points which will be added to your initial Helper Points.

Step 4: Posts Responses, Likes, Reply/Comments & Private Messages Integrations
For each Post You created, You can get Posts Likes, Unlikes, responses,reply/comments etc from other Community Members.
Again, each of your Published Post also allows other Community Members to also send you a Friend Request so that You can Privately send and recieve via one-one Private Messages in real-time.

Step 5: Earn More Points by Helping Others
Both the Help Offerer and Help Seeker can gain more points for helping one another. Eg:

  • When someone Like your Posts, you earn additional 5 points, the Helper also earns additional 5 points.

  • When someone Unlike your Posts, you loose 2 points, the Helper also earns 0 points.

  • When someone Reply/Comments on your Posts, you earn additional 10 points, the Helper/Commenter also earns additional 10 points.

Step 6: Upgrading Helper Game Levels
When someone Registered and signup in the app, the System will automatically place the user in Helper Level 1. Upgrading to next Level depends on Users efforts and Contributions towards helping those in needs.

Helper Level upgrades is calculated from no of Posts created by the User and number of Community Members he has made happy/helped via Reply/Comments and Likes. To Upgrade to Next Helper Level Eg. Level 2, an additional 100 Points is Needed...(Game Levels Points is Hidden from the User to avoid Confusion).

Here is Level Points is Updated.

  • When You create a Posts(Whether Offering for Help or Seeking for Help), you earn 10 points.

  • When You Like a Posts, you earn 1 points.

  • When you Reply/Comments on a Posts, you earn 1 points

  • If the sum total points for Posts, comments and Likes is equal to 100 Points, the system will upgrade you to next Helper Level and so on.

How I built it

We start by gathering information's from the Public and from what we have learnt from the new CareMongering Movements and from the Hackathon.

The Application was technologically built with Css, Bootstraps, Jquery, Ajax, php, and Mysql.

Challenges I ran into

Designing the app gives me a little headche but am glad I did it well.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

The application is fully working

What I learned

Its very important to focus positively

Built With

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