Fleet owners who manage multiple cars for businesses such as TURO, UBER and other rideshare services, need to spend lot of time on monitoring vehicle status and controlling cars remotely. This process is laborious so we decided to build an app that gives ability to control cars from their fingertips

What it does

Ford Fleet Management dashboard can monitor vehicle status and control various components of multiple cars remotely.

How we built it

  • Front-end is written in 'python' by using modules such as 'dash' and 'plotly'
  • Back-end is written is 'python' and uses ford API
  • We have hosted this app on 'AWS EC2' instance

Challenges we ran into

  1. Unable to demonstrate multiple car funtionality due to test harness limitation(only one vehicle to make API calls
  2. Due to short span of access token we are unable to demonstrate completely automated process
  3. Since same car is being used by multiple participents, we are unable to control car parameters

Accomplishments that we're proud of

This app is easy to maintain, understand and use. Gives detailed status to user.

What we learned

I worked on Front-end development for the first time so learned a lot of concepts.

What's next for FFM

  1. We can add email notifications for critical alerts.
  2. We can integrate google workspaces to this tool so it can monitor schedules and also provides earning reports.
  3. We can add maintenance records and reminders to this app.
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