Given the circumstances, we want to provide something comforting for people on Halloween, since all of us will be staying at home. Even though there won't be celebrations, gatherings, or treat or treating this year people shouldn’t be dispirited from dressing up and disguising ourselves in unique costumes.

Scare-o-rator is made for people to immerse themselves in the Halloween Spirit. To further bring the Spirit of Halloween to everyone, we drew inspiration from Horror films and other “taboo” Halloween elements and integrated them into our UI, by greeting our users with an evil pumpkin, and enhancing the experience with creepy clowns to evaluate your costume.

What it does

Our program asks the user to upload an image of their halloween costume, once the user does this, the image is run against our neural network. A rounded confidence score is then outputted to screen to let the user know how scary their costume is. The higher the confidence score, the more scary the costume is. A visualization of the neural network is available in our images.

How I built it

To build our program, we used html5, CSS and Javascript on the front end and Python's Flask and Image classifying using Keras for the backend.

Challenges I ran into

The only challenges we seemed to face were style oriented issues. One issue being, running a specific font we had chosen on our first page. In the end we managed to get it running, but chose not to use it. Additionally, we had a bit of trouble putting a background image behind our main content/container page.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We are proud that we were able to implement all the design components we planned on using in the final project. Half our team was completely new to Hackathons, so they learned quite a few things like, how to make a submission video, the different workshops that ran during Hackathons and creating a project in a short amount of time.

What I learned

Some notable things we learned was not how to code/style the program, but instead the hackathon itself. By having two teammates who have never done a hackathon before, it was quite an experience. From the opening ceremony to the process of brainstorming to admiring the final copy. Not to mention, the various fun workshops and events. A hackathon is not just a competition to win the cool prizes, but another whole world immersed with opportunities, exploration, and innovation.

What's next for our project

The next steps for our project would be to make the user experience better by adding animated features. And making an extensive virtual halloween experience where you can undergo screaming, horror, and of course spooktastic fun. We would also expand our programs use by having contests based on the Scariest Costumes, whichever user submitted the scariest costume, based on the program’s rating could win prizes.

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