We are the leaders of the robotics club at the University of Toronto. With robotics as our primary interest, we had our minds set on developing a hardware device related to robotics that could potentially change the lives of millions. Yhacks provided us the opportunity to work with technology that brought us closer to that goal. This thought motivated us to create "FEVZI", a robotic arm that can be controlled wirelessly through user's arm motion with great detail.

What does it do

FEVZI moves in a three dimensional space through user's hand gestures and arm movements.

How we built it

We used the "Myo armband", a gesture control armband to retrieve electrical signals from the muscle movements of user's arm. We extracted these signals to our laptops using the Myo SDK. Once this was accomplished we delivered these signals to an Arduino board, processed the data to recognizable hand gestures, and use the recognized gestures to control 3 servo motors to move the robotic arm in multidimensional space. We built the robotic arm using minimal resources: cardboard, duct tape, and components inside the Sparkfun's Inventor's Kit.

Challenges we ran into

One of the biggest challenges we faced was getting the Myo armband to communicate with the Arduino.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Being able to accomplish this with minimal resources in terms of building material was a great improvisational leap for our team. With more time and required material this design can be enhanced to a device that can perform feats such as surgeries across vast oceans.

What we learned

We learned that with great technological advancements and right focus on helping humanity we can all work towards a much better future.

What's next for Fevzi

We plan to making it more precise and providing it more degrees of freedom by using better construction material such as carbon fiber, stainless steel, nuts and bolts, etc.

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