We assist passengers to easily check and communicate their temperature to airlines. We provide a thermometer, the app interface and the backend functionality to allow passengers check themselves for fever. Fever is the most common symptom of Covid. By checking for fever before starting a journey we can make our passengers, staff and communities safer. And that people can fly with the reassurance that others have checked themselves as well. Protect your passengers. Protect your business. Be socially responsible.

What it does

Fever Finder is a Hygiene and Health solution. Before starting their journey the passenger takes the strip thermometer and checks their temperature in the mirror. They then input their temperature into the app.

If they are within the normal range they are advised of other health protection steps they can take for their journey

If they have a fever they are told their ticket will still be valid for the next 12 months and are given advice on how to contact the relevant medical authorities. Fever Finder thermometers have externalities in that the airlines are helping the community if their passengers continue to check themselves for fever on non travel days.

How we built it

Our teams experience with airline APIs will allow us to quickly integrate with the airline systems. Our backend a Flask API that works with Rabbit MQ. It integrates with the standard GDS APIs and our team has decades of experience in programming for airline APIs.

The website showing the functionality is at We have turned off PNR checking to make it easier to test. This will be part of the airlines app when we deploy not a stand alone website.

We have sourced a European producer of Liquid Crystal Thermometers strips that meets all EU requirements and standards. These high quality, reusable, easy to read strips are more expensive than some manufacturers. Our cost per unit for Airlines will be €2 per pack with our purchase, printing and logistics costs at €1.

Our clinical lead is Dr P Brady who advises us on all medical issues.

Challenges we ran into

It was hard to work out the business model for such a new kind of product. We eventually realised that it was in everyone's interest if the use of LCT strips was easy for passengers. As such the airlines will buy the packs from us. And those passengers who do have Covid-19 symptoms will be dealt with in a helpful and automatic manner to encourage their honesty in reporting.

Accomplishments that we are proud of

We are in negotiations with two mid sized carriers and an airport about them using Fever Finder. The airline will buy our packs and supply them to their passengers.

Fundamentally it is only when Fever Finder's solution is deployed and is making air travel and our communities safer that we will be proud.

What we learned

The mentors were great. They pointed out new things we had not considered and really helped us focus our concept.

What's next for Fever Finder

We have to get LCT strips in peoples hands. And our api functionality deployed in an airlines process

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