Create a VR game for Horror-Hack-A-Thon that’s unique and stands out from the crowd.

What it does:

Fetus Betus is a virtual reality experience that stands out in the very real debate between pro-life and pro-choice.

As the player you have to to navigate your way up the vaginal canal and into the uterus. Once there, you will have to cut up the unborn fetus before time runs out; mimicking the real world time limits imposed by varying states which you choose at the beginning of the game.

No matter where the player sits on the issue, hopefully they will walk away with a new perspective on the complicated issue of abortion.

How we built it:

Together as a team, we took on different parts of the pipeline to create an experience that evolved as the event progressed. One developer was more experienced in unreal, the other was more experienced in unity; therefore, we have two builds of the same experience. Our 2d and 3d artist worked together to create the ambience of our environment, which helped our sound designer create a more interesting experience. Interestingly enough, we found that as the game evolved so did our perspective and knowledge of this very sensitive issue, which we hope will effect the player who is experiencing this game.

Challenges we ran into:

Working together as a team was difficult at first because we all started out as strangers along with creating a cohesive vision around such delicate subject matter.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Creating a unique and impactful experience that leads to engagement and debate outside the VR experience.

What we learned

Besides the tremendous addition to every member's knowledge base of Unreal, Unity and a game production pipeline; we learned how to come together as a team quickly for a unified goal.

What's next for Fetus Betus

Once the project is finished we don't have any plans to keep developing it but we enjoyed working together and hopefully more will come from this team, and continue on our path to learning more about game development, and virtual reality.

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