We believe that UI/UX friendly solution can change the way how people will use cryptocurrencies. We are trying to make new ways to show a user a process of making their private keys (in UX way, not making our own cryptography of course). We spent a lot of time in Universities where we have a course for students (Solidity and Web3). So, we spent a lot of time explaining to people how works digital signature, how to send transactions and e.t.c.

We think that the main UI/UX issue for Ethereum and other project is holding private keys and sign transactions. - It's not intuitive and we can't make it on the backend because it's not decentralized and trustable.

So, we decided to make a protocol that will allow to sign and hold keys in a convenient way. - It will be a QR code encrypted by the user's password.

Why QR?

  1. User know where all the money are (for people who don't know crypto it's really hard to explain private key system)
  2. A user can share it between devices easily (it's encrypted with a strong password, so it's really hard to brute force it)
  3. There is not only one private key there (One QR code - a lot of private key for BTC, ETH, and e.t.c)

Who we are

We are BANKEX Foundation company developers with a background at full-stack/solidity.

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Kyber Network protocol

We have Atomic swap implementation

Try it

  1. https://t.me/fethereum_bot - Telegram
  2. https://www.messenger.com/t/924376671084405 - Facebook Messenger (not super ready)
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