We rented an Oculus, knew a bit about networking, and had listened to vaporwave for the past two days. #aesthetic

What it does

It uses nmap, tcpdump, iptables, ifconfig, and ping to grab network information from the room. It then uses this information to simulate a "Party" for the spirit animals of these "Computers." One may interact with these "Computers," which on the backend is just network forensics.

How I built it

tcpdump writes to a buffer that we pick up in Unity, which is then processed and displayed as avatars. You can interact with the avatars, which runs system commands depending on the option.

Challenges I ran into

TFW & instead of &&, everywhere

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

What I learned

Lot's of networking tools, Unity, and C#

What's next for Fete du paquet

We're going to polish it and show it off at costume parties

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