The Problem

We live in a society where failure is not seen as an option. In schools all across the nation, students are taught with the expectation of being totally perfect. But as we have seen in the Digital Age, failure is an integral part of success.

Ask Me Anything

This creates a toxic environment; students are afraid to be incorrect. However, students should be encouraged to ask questions and not worry about how silly they may sound. "Ask Me Anything" is the zen of fetchbot.dog: learn from others, and don't worry about not knowing the answer. If you ask fetchbot.dog, he will give you an answer within seconds! Anything: from chemistry to calculus, xrays to xylophones, and bears to beets to battlestar galactica... all you have to do is ask.


Fetch is your new personal companion that lives in the cloud. More than just a chatbot, Fetch has a unique sense of personality, and knows just about anything you could ever think of asking. And yes, he knows what the meaning of life is. But even with someone you trust feeding you information, one can't help but feel intimidated by their knowledge. That's why Fetch gives you his sources!


To ask Fetch a question, either go to our website fetchbot.dog and enter a question, or text your question to +1(574)355-8881. Fetch has a phone too! As an added bit of fun, Fetch has a few hidden easter eggs. If you send Fetch an easter egg, he'll respond with a unique and funny response! Try to find all of the eggs!

Our Vision of the Future

Nobody knows everything, not even Fetch, but if people communicate with one another, we will all learn a lot! That is why the Fetch Development Team is working on an upcoming feature that will revolutionize Fetch and it's customer experiences. If Fetch doesn't have a good answer to reply with, it will ask all of the Fetch Developers if they know an answer. If they do, Fetch relays the admin's answer back to the original asker of the question, all with complete anonymity. Stay tuned for Admin_Response!

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