COVID-19 shutdowns have been hard on us all, but the food and beverage industry have felt the effects more acutely than others. This has hit our family particularly hard, with our brother having to shut down his venues during the Melbourne lock down. With restrictions still in place and many areas seeing further restrictions added, it has become clear that food and beverage businesses must adapt to this new environment.

Health authorities have recommended that food and beverage businesses move towards separated table service and increase social distancing, with minimal interactions between staff and other patrons. For the foreseeable future, walking up to a busy bar to order a drink may be a thing of the past.

Fetcha enables food and beverage businesses to easily transition into this new world, offering a simple, easy and seamless way to offer table service to patrons. Not only does it help businesses adapt to a post pandemic world, but it also streamlines their business and delivers an amazing customer experience.

What it does

Fetcha is the easiest way for food and beverage stores to offer safe table service to their customers. Fetcha integrates with the merchants point of sales system to build a digital menu, using all of the items merchants have already added into their POS. Merchants can then issue QR codes for all the tables in their venue, allowing customers to simply order from their seat.

Fetcha is a web app that requires no downloads by customers, and comes with Apple Pay, Google Pay and credit card payment built right in!

Menu Item Checkout
Menu Item Checkout

Online payment

Payment Thanks
Payment Thanks

How we built it

Fetcha is currently integrated with the Square Point of Sales system, allowing any merchant with a Square POS to link their account and immediately start using Fetcha. We are also currently building out integrations to other popular POS software, including Kounta, Vend and heaps more!

Our front end code is built using Typescript, React and Grommet UI. Our back end code is built using Typescript, node.js, Firebase Realtime Database and Firebase Functions. This enables us to be scalable and deliver features to our customers fast!

Challenges we ran into

We ran into several challenges around how to make this as easy and seamless for the customer as possible. We are really happy with the QR code mechanism and the simplicity of checkout. We are continuing to work on further integrations with POS vendors to enable Fetcha to reach as wide an audience as possible.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are really proud about the seamless UX and the design that we have implemented in this application. We have also have a road map (see below) of all the other features and APIs we want to build out!

What we learned

We have learnt a lot about Square APIs, secure OAuth flows, Firebase Functions and how to use QR codes effectively.

What's next for Fetcha

We are excited to announce a partnership with Chei Wen Wine Bar and Fly Lie Bar in Melbourne! We are planning to launch with these venues as they re-open from COVID-19 lockdown. Both of these venues currently do not offer table service, and would be difficult / unfeasible for them to operate without the use of Fetcha.

We also have a long backlog of features we are developing to incorporate into the app including

  • Delivery - we see a great opportunity to partner with Facedrive to enable food delivery on our platform
  • Menu builder - offer merchants and even easier process to build their items online, including stock photos and suggested descriptions.
  • Customer accounts - integrate with Square's customer APIs to enable card on file payments and a more personalised experience
  • Rewards & Loyalty - take advantage of Square's Loyalty API to offer rewards to customers
  • Merchant branding - Give merchants the ability to theme and brand Fetcha with their own fonts, colours and logos
  • Printer - integrate with a docket printer so orders are automatically printed
  • Integrations - integrate with other POS vendors
  • User experience - further iterate on the user experience to provide a seamless ordering and checkout experience

...and heaps more!

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