With the massive variety of goods on the digital market, purchasing simple things becomes much more complicated than it should be. Fetch is a simple solution to this important problem.

What it does

Fetch is a chatbot app that uses AI to help consumers make purchasing decisions. By conversing with the user through the app, our AI learns about the user's preferences (like if they prefer premium vs discount products or branded vs non-branded) and suggests something for them to buy. Fetch can conveniently order the chosen item for the user as well. As the user converses with the chatbot, the chatbot trains itself and is empowered to make a better purchasing suggestions in the future.

For example, if somebody was looking for a chair, they would simply ask fetch to find them a chair. Fetch shows the user a product, and if the user doesn't l like the product, they tell Fetch why (too expensive, too low quality, etc.) and Fetch finds another product that better fits their needs.

How I built it

Built with AWS and Vue.js

Challenges we ran into

We have never used AWS, but it was a great experience learning it, and I'g glad i did

Built With

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