KadHacks Hackathon 2018

Team Sirocco




We were troubled about the maternal mortality ratio in Nigeria and decided to bring about a positive change.


High Maternal Mortality rate due to unaffordable health care services, poor health care quality, poor managementof resources and poor data coverage.

Proposed Solution

A platform for government officials, combining our collated records of pregnant women in diverse locations with the health facilities available through the grid api, we are able to generate a report showing the critical areas where there are not enough hospital facilities for the expectant mothers (patients) in the region.

It also allows donations from anyone towards those who can't afford health care services. It also provides a platform which enables the less privileged access to critical data such as the nearest hospital and immunization centers via USSD.

It also contains a resource management portal, where various resources like drugs and equipment can be allocated to health facilities. This allows them to monitor and better manage the distribution of resources.

How We built it

Using the Ussd app to the reach the most vulnerable people. This was built using nodejs and africa's talking emulator The web app for donators and the government - Built using php and mysql hosted on amazon web services.

Powered by GRID3 Api

The Grid_API was used for location services and the manipulation of data against our collated set of data for the production of reports. The below GRID endpoints are used by us for this project.

Proposed Stack

Nodejs(Express), HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, PHP(Yii2), MYSQL

Challenges I ran into

Ussd Integration with africatalking Api for our ussd platform.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Building a solution we feel would have a positive impact towards reducing the maternal mortality ratio in Nigeria.

What I learned

How to work as a team on a sprint project with external resources(Apis).

What's next for Fetal Care

Creating savings portal for expectant families to save money towards baby delivery cost. Solving more data coverage problems in the health sector. Creating our medical tips module (which will be sending medicals tips to pregnant women via sms, available also on the web portal.)

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