40% of all food in the United States goes to waste. … but you’re still randomly hungry for literally anything at 11pm. What if there was an app that would let anyone share their free food tips across campuses, boardrooms, and cities?

Feta lets you do this, providing a way for socially-verifiable, live information concerning leftover free food to be shared by clubs, shops, restaurants, and individuals to the general community. No longer will people rely on non-transparent, confusing, and out-of-date GroupMes or word-of-mouth for price-free sustenance.

What it does

Users submit geo-located posts with images describing an instance of free food. ML classifiers automatically tag posts with relevant info. Other users see the most relevant and closest posts both on a live map and a sidebar list, and can collectively decide if they are real or not. Over time, this will create a mutually-beneficial ecosystem based on algorithmical trust and, of course, late-night hunger.

How we built it

Feta is currently a mobile-first web app using Next.js and Chakra UI on the frontend, and Convex (a serverless app platform) on our backend. We use Auth0 and Google Sign-in to authenticate users without burdensome and unsecure manual registration. The web app is hosted on Netlify.


  • Web notifications to notify users of nearby free food.
  • Graphical ratings system to dynamically boost good free food and eliminate fraud on the platform.
  • Easy user authentication and account creation with 0Auth.
  • Machine-learning classification models increase user ease-of-submission of new food items on the map.

What's next for Feta

  • SMS notifications to facilitate 24/7 connected snacking without having to check Feta regularly.
  • More refined AI classification model using real-world collected data.
  • Support for organizations (restaurants, food banks etc.) for recurring food events.

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