Lost in the jungle of social media, the few remaining cheerful voices are drowned in the horrors of modern society. We wanted a way to be able to identify who was left in the defence against the war against Christmas. This is why we created Festive O Meter.

What it does

Based on any Twitter handle, it analyses their tweets, and brings back a percentage of their Christmas spirit. A map displaying festive hotspots is also showed on the webpage.

How we built it

Using the Twitter API and our own sentiment analysis engine we found a way to judge someone on how festive they are. Then, we built an angular based frontend which interfaces with our REST API endpoints and Google Maps API.

We emulated the Hack The Holidays design scheme and incorporated this graphical design amongst our final products. With this rengineering of scalable and globalised Twitter data we put context into an otherwise abstract dataset using Web 2.0, without boiling the ocean.

By being both time, and space efficient, we allowed for maximum productivity with frequent localised on site scrum meetings with the product owner collective.

Challenges we ran into

Had to submit to devpost 3 hours before deadline. Lead designer learnt design. Taught algorithm developer JS

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Lead designer learnt design. Taught algorithm developer JS

What we learned

Design, and Javascript. Producing performant scalable software.

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