Having attended several festivals, I found that the most captivating aspects of the events are the people you share the experience with, whether they're people you've just met or people you already knew. I have not yet come across an application that makes it easy to connect with people at these events, in addition to connecting attendees with the event organizers and vendors. The use of wavelength and 5G will also improve the festival experience, since they are often impacted by weak internet connections in densely populated areas.

What it does

The application helps people to better connect with those they wish to be closest to. Attendees can see which events their friends are attending to organize their schedules, and they will also have access to real-time data on menus, pricing, availability, and wait times from participating vendors. The application will also allow users to post videos or live streams of events across the entire festival, so other attendees can see what's going on and make decisions on where to attend.

How we built it

We mocked up the application features and functionalities using Figma and then built the application using React Native.

Challenges we ran into

Our biggest challenge was having the time to implement all of the ideas that we'd hoped for.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Creating a product that further enhances the event-goer experience. Working together and creating an app was new to our group, and it's been truly worthwhile learning the skills to figure out all the steps.

What we learned

We learned the steps and foundations of what it takes to create an application. Sometimes the hardest parts are the smallest details that don't appear in the beginning.

What's next for Festive App

To complete the features of the app and reach out to event hosts and vendors for interest in piloting the application.

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