Edinburgh’s festivals are great tourist attractions but the info about these festivals are scattered all over the place! So, we decided to create an AR app that is an amalgamation of that info. It’s way more immersive than an app or a website and it also showcases the rich tech talent in Edinburgh.

What it does

FestivAR is an immersive augmented reality app that displays the location of the festival venues on the map of Edinburgh and allows users to see more about what’s happening at each of these locations (all on the AR map)! Its design allows it to be both a standalone app and an extension to the existing Edinburgh tourism apps.

How we built it

Using Spark AR Studio (built by Facebook), JavaScript, Google Cloud Functions and Blender.

Challenges we ran into

Mainly working with elements in augmented reality. Everything looks surreal but to create that effect requires a lot of effort and time.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

EVERYTHING. We have a working app that implements augmented reality and we’re super proud of that.

What we learned

The whole hack was a learning experience for us. We could have gone with a website or an Android app but we wanted to step out of our comfort zone and the results were exemplary. From working with data to creating augmented reality, we leARned a lot!

What's next for FestivAR

We are definitely proud of our achievements but we are also aware there is room for improvement. If given more time and resources, we would like to perform better data analytics to present information better and include face tracking and appearance augmenting features to make the whole festival experience more immersive and fun.

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