FestivalPlay is a Java based web application using the Play framework. FestivalPlay generates playlists with a list of popular tracks given a set of artists who will be performing at a given festival. For example, provided the input "Coachella", the application will output a playlist of the top 3 songs of all the artists playing at Coachella.

Data Extraction

  1. TicketMaster API

    • The application will begin by querying Ticketmaster API for the list of artists who will be performing at a given event
    • This query will generate the list of artists we will feed into the Spotify API
  2. Spotify API

    • Given a list of artist objects, we will parse through their songs, and add their top 3 most played tracks into a playlist object
    • The playlist object will then be POSTed to the user's spotify account
  3. Play Framework

    • The Play framework will support our application's GET and POST requests
  4. Web Application

    • Through the FestivalPlay application, users will be prompted to login to their Spotify account
    • This will retreive a client code to access the user's account permissions
    • Users will input the name of their festival into the input box
    • A playlist will be generated and added directly to their spotify account

Goals of the Application

  1. Promote lesser-known artists to event-goers who are interested in listening to songs from artists they have never heard
  2. Raise hype for events that are coming in the near future
    • Customers who are unsure of their decision can get excited after listening to great songs
  3. Promote Ticketmaster as a ticket-source to event hosters due to increased awareness of their festivals
  4. Encourage more people to enjoy great music!

Future expansion

  1. Input a "buy ticket" link for the festival
    • Track which artist the user bought the ticket on to evaluate each artist's performance
  2. Incorporate other music applications, such as Soundcloud
    • Soundcloud supports more unsigned artists

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