For years I've made note of places that I've wanted to visit, but never remember to go when I'm in the area. Fernweh (a German word for wanderlust) can get you one step closer to completing these adventures.

What it does

The user can make note of a particular place they want to go to, whether it be a restaurant, hidden city gem, or adventure spot, on a google map. The markers will be set on the map, and using your phone's GPS location, when you get within a certain radius of a marker, you get a notification telling you which one of your hotspots are nearby!

How I built it

I used Android Studio along with some of Google's development tools

Challenges I ran into

Since this is the first time I'm using Android Studio (and since I only have about a month and a half's worth of coding experience -- class of 2021!!), this whole project was a challenge. Getting used to the syntax of the code and powering through the small details that I kept getting stuck on, I used some of the mentors help and many youtube video examples to get me going.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I am proud that I was even able to get this far into the project. Although I didn't get to program the user input, I was able to make the framework and tediously set up the google maps.

What I learned

While I am no where close to an expert, I was able to learn the basic workings of how Android studio works, and I will definitely try to finish this project on my own

What's next for Fernweh (Wanderlust)

Finishing it

Built With

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