We had a red usb button and wanted to make something terrible, and goose and feridun memes will never fade. The random aspect of this game makes the replay value infinite.

What it does

Feridun is trapped in mc and turns randomly and you hit the big red USB button to make him walk in the direction he is facing. The geese move randomly when he moves and make him explode. Spacebar is an alternative but against the spirit of the project.

How I built it

We spent a lot of time and energy writing a usb driver in python for this button, and then made the game with pygame which was comparatively easy.

Challenges I ran into

The documentation was sparse on writing device drivers for python and the gameplay is pretty terrible so I didn't enjoy testing it.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We made this work in such a limited amount of time and with so little to motivate us to complete this terrible game. We believe that from a technical aspect other than the driver we wrote it's pretty technically horrible and it is also a meme.

What I learned

Simple = better

What's next for Feridun vs. geese


Built With

  • ieee
  • low-level-usb-driver-writing
  • python
  • pyusb
  • usb-1.1
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