The farmers are demanding waivers on farm loans and higher prices for their crops. For decades now, farming in India has been blighted by drought, small plot sizes, a depleting water table, declining productivity, and lack of modernization. Half of its people work on farms, but farming contributes only 15% to India's GDP. Put simply, farms employ a lot of people but produce too little. Crop failures trigger farm suicides with alarming frequency. This can cause a considerable impact on our economy. Therefore, in order to support farmers in their work, our team has created the FEN Assistant.

What it does

FEN is a virtual assistant that has many features. The app needs to be granted access to location by the farmer in order to assist them. The app provides accurate values of the current temperature, weather, pressure, and humidity. These things need to be taken into consideration and are of utmost importance while farming. It predicts the season and accordingly suggests suitable crops that can be grown in the current season. This is really important since each type of soil has different properties and can only support some varieties of crops. Moreover, by gaining access to the location, the app informs the farmer of the nearest dams for irrigating the crops. Irrigation is the most important agricultural input in a tropical monsoon country like India where rainfall is uncertain. Also, it informs the farmer of the ill effects or harmful effects of cropping, which the farmer can take into consideration while farming in order for good cultivation. If the farmer is facing any other problem and needs help, he can always contact our FEN bot. All these can aid the farmer for maximum profit and a healthy economy.

How we built it

We built with an android studio and with useful API from the government and our survey analysis.

Challenges we ran into

It was difficult to complete the geo-fencing, weather analysis, and crop prediction using the ML technique.

Accomplishments that we’re proud of

Each and every member of our team is proud of what we’ve been able to create in a short-time period. We are also glad to be able to provide a solution to a prevailing problem in our country.

What we learned

We learned how to do the geofencing and KNN algorithm. One of our team members learned to use Figma, which we used for the UI design of the app.

What's next for FEN

Right now, the application is just an MVP. In the future, we plan to make our bot more functional our project and making it work. The FEN bot/chatbot is what we’re planning to integrate into our app in the future. We are also planning to make a device which will tell about the current moisture level in the soil by which we can calculate the amount of water needs to be given to the crops.

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