Welcome to fEMPOWERED - the place where you can help inspire others and be inspired yourself! We aim to help females connect, empower, and support each other.

Through fEMPOWERED, you can create your very own virtual community, expanding your network to include incredible females who may be near you, in the same industry, or share similar interests. Each user is an official fEMPOWERED member, enabling access to chat, video call, or phone with your friends. Also, you can browse through other member portfolios, meeting potential friends and viewing their displayed projects/work. Similarly, you can create your own portfolio so others can connect with you! Be sure to not miss our daily member feature, where we randomly spotlight one of our very own fEMPOWERED users. (There are no requirements to be featured, so everyone has a fair chance. It may be one of your friends, or possibly even YOU!)

One of the most important features of fEMPOWERED is the ability to support women-led businesses. Through fEMPOWERED, you can easily find the women-led businesses local to you. Not only do you get your needs met, but you can help support your fellow hard working females. And, don't miss our weekly Businesses of the Week Feature, where we showcase several amazing businesses.

Also, you can get access to our exclusive fEMPOWERED calendar and events/announcements page, where ladies like yourself are sharing local/virtual events that are Covid-19 friendly. Feel free to join anything that catches your eye, perhaps you will learn some new skills or meet your new best friend.

Quick Summary

Create Your Own Virtual Community Be a Part of Something Bigger Support Local Women-Led Businesses Access to Current Virtual/Covid-19 Friendly Events Fun Features

fEMPOWERED Solves Problems

Females Need More Support Many females are victims of Imposter Syndrome → BUT WOMEN are capable of so much, so we are creating a platform of support Network to meet friends, mentors, inspirational figures, females nearby, etc. Daily random features are inspiring, motivating, and keep users excited Women-Led Local Businesses are At-Risk In GENERAL (and especially because of Covid-19), many local women-led businesses are struggling to maintain sufficient funding/revenue, leading to possible closure → BUT WE DRIVE CUSTOMERS TOWARDS THEM Users are able to find/be directed to the nearest women-led businesses in their area Weekly features highlight incredible businesses (free promotion/advertising) More customers = More revenue = Staying in business Covid-19 makes it hard to meet others/attend events … and It can be boring No more/not many in-person events makes it hard to connect → BUT WE ALLOW YOU TO MEET OTHERS AND CONNECT VIRTUALLY Bored at home by yourself → BUT WE CAN FIX THIS: Chat, Video Call, or Phone your friends, AND check our events page to explore virtual/safe events happening

Technologies Used

Infrastructures/Protocols Google Cloud Platform (Map, Calendar, Firebase - Hosting/Deploying) Framework Node.js React.js Bootstrap APIs Google API (Places, Geolocation) Twilio (Video functionality) Postman Tool (to retrieve data from API requests) Programming Languages Javascript, HTML, CSS Technologies Used


Exploring Approaches Research into possible technologies that meet our purposes Exploring APIs Google API (Places, Geolocation) - “Women-led” Attribute, Central to user’s location SAM.gov (Women-Led Businesses) Twilio (Video functionality) Postman Tool (to retrieve data from API requests) Chosen Approach & Why User Interface - clean, easy to follow, fun Scalability and longevity Creating a responsive web application

Future Plans

Database Working with local women-led businesses to register them in our database (to work around lack of women-led registered businesses). This way we can show users more women-led businesses near them! Networking Work on building out our in-app networking features (chat, call, video) to provide streamlined networking experience for users Forum Create a space where users can post/share questions, get help, etc. that all users can see (think Slack channel). A mini feature would be a female-centered scholarships tab, and internship/job postings

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