Girls, women, and non-binary people are actively steered away from science and math, limiting their access, preparation, and opportunity to pursue these disciplines as adults. Our mission is to draw attention to the many inspiring and exceptional women who have shaped today's world and encourage passionate female and non-binary people to pursue STEM careers.

What it does

  • At Fempower, we provide users with a few continents and allow them to discover some of the world's exceptional women. Once the user clicks on their preferred continent, they will be redirected to a page which views some of the most remarkable women in the continent they selected.
  • There is also a fun BuzzFeed type quiz coded in JavaScript which tells you if you are a STEM nerd.

How we built it

I used HTML, CSS and JavaScript to code the website. The animations and graphics are made using Canva.

Challenges we ran into

I tried using React but failed terribly due to the huge time crunch.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

I'm proud to have completed this entire project myself – starting from designing, to creating a pitch and coding.

What we learned

I learnt how to align content in a better way, and how to make your website aesthetically pleasing! Superposition's workshops were super helpful.

What's next for FemPower

I plan on adding more continents and hope to successfully launch this website by the end of this year. I also hope to add more features and impact at least hundred young females :)

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