We know the struggles that gender marginalized groups face when it comes to pursuing higher education and entering the workforce. It becomes even harder when there aren't enough support or role models to connect with for help. Therefore, we created FemNET, as a platform where you can connect with mentors who have similar interests as you, and build networks with other aspiring women.

What it does

When entering our page, users will see a Sign In button where they can register themselves as a mentor or mentee. Afterward, the user will be redirected to our homepage, where they can click and view other mentors, and hopefully, choose who to mentor them. If they find a mentor they really like, they can add them to their friend's list. Through our webpage, we hope the user can build a larger network of females in fields that are male-dominated.

How we built it

We collaborated on Visual Studio Code, through a live share, where we were all able to work on different parts at the same time. We used HTML, Javascript and CSS to build the website's template.

Challenges we faced

A challenge we faced, was wanting to do much more without a website, but not having enough knowledge on how to do so, for instance, we wanted to use Google API, but we couldn't grasp the idea in one day. Also, many of us were beginners, so we had to learn from scratch.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are all beginner coders, and are proud to have accomplished such an interactive webpage! We are also proud of the teamwork conducted during this hackathon, we all worked amazingly together.

What's next for FemNET

We hope to create a functional app for FemNET where users can communicate with real-life mentors, and also become a mentor for someone else.

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