For a long time, I have been an advocate of supporting small, women/woc owned businesses.

What it does

It puts many woman-owned businesses all in one place to make it easier to find and support these women

How we built it

Using HTML and CSS, I created a website that puts woman-owned businesses all into one convenient place

Challenges we ran into

I was not very familiar with HTML or CSS before this project, so I had to learn as I went along. There were times when I got stuck, or when I could not get the code to do what I wanted. However, the absolute hardest part was trying to get it onto github.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

I've never made a website before, and I've never submitted at a Hackathon before. Even if it doesn't win, I am still so happy and proud of my work.

What we learned

I learned webdev skills that will help me in the future. I feel inspired to learn and create more, or even work on this project further.

What's next for Femmezon

I think that even after this Hackathon, there is potential for this website. If I keep learning and creating, I believe that I can improve it and make it useful for people all over.

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