We were inspired by a man named Ben Wellington who took local NYC data and converted into maps to determine issues occurring in his city.

What it does

Use data to create a visual representation of graduation rates in Philadelphia

How I built it

We used JavaScript and Google Maps API to create the heat maps and HTML and CSS to code the website.

Challenges I ran into

  • Converting the locally stored data into real time.
  • Using the Google Map API to visualize our own data set
  • Creating a gradient on the background of the website
  • Creating the dropdown menu

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

  • Everyone on the team was a beginner
  • Everyone coded something
  • Everyone worked with a new language
  • Using Google's API service
  • Understanding heat maps and its connection to representing data

What I learned

  • Google Maps API
  • HTML and CSS
  • JavaScript
  • Persistence and cooperation

What's next for FemmeHacks - Jasmine, Emily, Margaret, and Aditi

  • Expanding the heat maps to encompass other data sets for other cities and to have as many applications as possible (ex: healthcare, crime)
  • Converting the website into an app
  • To lay over another data set
  • Becoming more user friendly
  • More visualization options (ex: filters)
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