Inspiration - We wanted to build a website for an app we'd like to develop one day, we were inspired by J.P. Morgan's competition prompt to support women entrepreneurs

What it does - We built a website that promotes an app that will give support and resources to women entrepreneurs by allowing them to connect with each other and host events and share data, etc.

How we built it - we programmed a website using HTML and CSS

Challenges we ran into - mostly debugging issues and project conception

Accomplishments that we're proud of - the look of the website is better than we had hoped and we are really proud to have left this hackathon having actually built something

What we learned - we taught ourselves HTML and CSS throughout the day and we learned what is involved in web development and what it is like to build your own website

What's next for FemmeConnect - in the future we'd like to start work on the app itself - for now we're proud to have developed the concept and to have made a website that promotes the ideas behind the app

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