• We noticed there were more opportunities for women in STEM, but they're not as accessible as they should be.
  • Influential women in STEM aren't highlighted, and this further widens the gender gap.

What it does

  • Highlights various women in the past and present that can serve as role models and even mentors for our users
  • Connects users to opportunities based on certain criteria selected through filters
  • Gives users a platform to nominate influential people in their community to highlight their achievements

How I built it

  • The highlighting various women was created with cards. Figma was first used to design the photo side of the cards as well as the text side. Then swift UI and Xcode were used to animate the cards on our app.
  • The opportunities page was made with table view in swift UI as well as story board. Then cards were used to add the pop up opportunities based on the criteria.
  • The nominating a women in stem started by setting up a firebase and storage account. Fire base and Cocoa pods were then installed and linked to our app in Xcode. This allowed users to connect with our real time data base when they enter information.

Challenges I ran into

  • At the beginning we wanted to use a database to organize the data put in by users on our opportunities page, but there were many bugs that appeared and as a team we decided to change the database to cards to show available opportunities.
  • When the firebase for nominating an influential woman in stem was connected to the rest of our app, we couldn't access our simulator, but we're able to work around that.
  • The files stopped working after we pushed them to our git repository. This was solved through finding another way to pull the files.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

  • Getting a working app out in 48 hours
  • Collaborating as a team and working through challenges that occurred
  • Being able to work together even though we're in 3 different time zones

What I learned

  • We learned about how to upload work to Github and collaborate on one Xcode project.
  • The use of firebase to store user information
  • How to use Figma to design the UX/UI portion of our app
  • We learned how to make flip cards in our app for the highlighting women in stem section as well as the opportunities page.

What's next for Femme4STEM

  • In the future we plan on continuing the work on Femme4STEM to improve the functionality of our app. Eventually we want to launch it in the App Store for women around the world to find opportunities and inspiration.
  • We want to incorporate JSON files into the opportunities section of our app.
  • Improve UX/UI design
  • Incorporate more functions such as a community section, a search function, etc.

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