We are interested in art and are feminists ourselves. There are many women who have combined the two together and we thought we should share awareness about those women as well as other feminists (not necessarily artists). We also wanted to help inspire young women to pursue a career in STEAM ,which is typically male-dominated, by reading about the accomplishments of other women.

What it does

It informs people of empowering feminists from around the globe who have promoted feminism in a variety of different ways (politically, artistically and socially). As well as educating others, the website allows for users to creatively express themselves through art by drawing on the website and submitting a drawing to be part of the site’s gallery.

How we built it

We started planning the layout in figma to help choose colour schemes and what we wanted to do. We then coded the website on glitch using html and css for the design. Along the way we added more elements to the website.

Challenges we ran into

At first, it was a struggle to work out how to code the drawing feature on the website. However, we managed to overcome this eventually. Also, since Figma was a new tool for us it was challenging to navigate our way around it and utilise it well.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We’re proud of the overall website we have created and we are proud of how it spreads awareness to others about feminism and feminists. Also, the drawing feature and our gallery is something we are deeply proud of too.

What we learned

As well as extending our coding and programming knowledge, we have further educated ourselves on feminism and feminists. We have also learnt how to use figma which was a new tool for all of us.

What's next for FeminArtists?

We hope to build up our gallery collection and increase our list of feminists as it’s great to spread knowledge and awareness.

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