We were inspired to create a project that would take a unique approach to support women through fashion, especially by making it easier and faster to select an outfit. In this way, we would improve the user's time management and increase their productivity.

Fashion is a person’s way to choose how they want to present themselves to the world. With Femella, we hope to provide a way for women to explore and find clothing that lets them express themselves with comfort, style, and class. Femella also makes selecting an outfit easier and faster, increasing a user's productivity and improving their time management.

What it does

The app starts with a "Homepage" designed with a comfortable and eye-catching UX/UI for the user (in which the main advantages of using the app are shown).

Then, the Sign up / Login section is shown, where the user must create an account to access the app functionalities, this section uses "Firebase" to authenticate the login and the creation of a new account for the user.

After logging in with an account to our app "Femella", the user uploads their clothing to the app. Then, when they need to go out, Femella will filter out clothing that doesn't meet the user's specifications so it is easier and more efficient to find clothing that the user is actually interested in. These specifications include the weather (hot, cold), mood (happy, sad), formal or informal clothing, and whether the clothing should be sportswear.

How we built it

We built Femella using Android Studio, XML, and Java. Our key graphics are all original and created from scratch as well! We also decided to use Firebase for the authentication and Database feature. Firestore and Firestorage would also be important for saving user data so that the user can upload images of their clothing to the app. The database will save the users preference in it and the data will be executed accordingly with the help of cloud functions.

A big part of our project also relies on Cloud Vision API (GCP) to scan the user's face and determine the user's moods. Next, we can use the user's moods to find which clothing is appropriate.

Challenges we ran into

It was difficult to create a fully functional app within 24 hours, so we decided to break our project down into smaller parts and focus on the most important individual features and its overall purpose and design.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of creating a prototype of Femella that takes an innovative approach to empower women and building a mostly functional virtual wardrobe. We learned a lot about the process of app development along the way, but we are really proud that we were able to create a project that has so much potential impact as a real-world product.

What we learned

One of our members who usually works with web development was completely new to Android studio! Learning about the app development process was really informative and we spent a lot of time sharing our skills and knowledge.

From a technical point of view, we learned more about the Android studio environment and improved our knowledge of XML capabilities. We also got to share what software programs we use (Figma, Pixlr, etc.) for graphics and combine our individual skill sets to collaborate and build something awesome!

What's next for Femella

We hope to grow Femella by adding new features that let the user shop for new clothing on the app itself based on the user’s customized preferences and clothing they’ve stored in their virtual wardrobe. We also want to further develop our mood feature with the help of neural networks so we can sort clothing based on the user's current emotions.

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