Who are we?

FemEd is an NGO dedicated to helping women around the world find their voice, aiming to educate individuals on inspiring stories of women who made history to empower the next generation of female leaders.


What can a couple of beginner coders accomplish over the course of two days? That was the question I asked myself after attending the opening ceremony, as this was our first hackathon. We knew we wanted to tackle issues women were facing in society and starting brainstorming immediately. Soon we had come up with a very long list of ideas, but both felt inclined towards one particular problem. While women have been a part of our world since the very beginning, they are given very little representation in both history and media.

Recorded history has been dominated disproportionately by men. It’s very easy to forget that women were also an active part of it. While it has gotten better today, there is still long ways to go before we can effectively bridge the gender gap. Our team decided to address this problem by creating a website where people of all age and race could read and share stories of incredible women. Later, it expanded to include promoting and sharing nonprofits and accessing online resources.


Unfortunately, we were at a disadvantage, two of the four members of our team did not show up to the hackathon. The two of us remaining had limited experience in HTML and were unfamiliar with the IDEs. Despite these setbacks, we got to work straight away by first sketching out what we wanted the website to look like. Then, we coded the skeleton of the site. We initially found collaborating online to be quite difficult but found a solution by splitting up the work. One member worked mainly on the code in HTML while the other worked mainly on formatting in CSS.

What's next for FemEd?

These past couple of days have been full of learning experiences. We still can’t believe we managed to code a functioning website completely from scratch. If we were given more time, we would most definitely refine the look and add more interactive features. While our project may not be the most impressive, hours upon hours of work was put into this final submission and we are beyond proud to have created the site with the limited time and experience we held. We hope you enjoy our demo site.

Thank You

We would like to give a huge thank you to all the organizers and staff at this Hackathon who spent countless hours preparing for this amazing event, we are incredibly grateful for the opportunity to attend all these webinars and compete in this hackathon.

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