This idea was sparked while having a passionate conversation with a family friend. I found out she had lived in a homeless shelter for over a year with a 1 year old child. Out of curiosity, I asked about what were the most common challenges, and learned that hygienic products and products for pregnant women and babies were scarce.

What it does

Donate female products, and products for pregnant women and babies to homeless shelters in exchange for rewards/points.

How we built it

Using Xcode, we created an IOS application and an Alexa skill. The Alexa skill is able to predict the amount of points rewarded for a certain amount of products donated.

Challenges we ran into

We were unfamiliar with Xcode and had to use many tutorials and mentors to be able to accomplish our application. Alexa had many issues with debugging especially the primary features.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The Alexa skill is fully functional, and we went past our goal by also having a map in the application that locates the closest homeless shelters for the users.

What we learned

Time management, how to work with troubleshooting, and being able to identify problems by looking at the code step by step. We also expanded our knowledge of Alexa by learning more about the service lambda function code.

What's next for FemDonor

We want to have a better user interface, and also incorporate pickup truck service to make it more convenient for people to donate. We would also like to gain sponsors, so we can have prizes, and find a way to make donating these items, decrease tax for an individual.

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