Inspiration ⚡

Gender based crimes are highly prevalent in India. Most of the crimes don't get reported and are left unresolved. We wanted to do our part in making sure authorities are held accountable and can't get away with refusing to register or acknowledge cases.

What it does 🤖

First it extracts a certain number of tweets having hashtags related to crime against women, and supporting women. Once the tweets are retrieved, it performs sentiment analysis on them to figure out whether the tweets are spreading awareness about women crimes and empowering women or asking for immediate help and classifies them as 'positive' or 'negative', respectively. It retweets tweets and under tweets asking for help (negative), it tags authorities publicly to increase the visibility of the tweets and bring them to their notice.

How We built it 💡

  1. We used the tweepy module and the Twitter API to extract tweets with certain hashtags, and then performed sentiment analysis on them.
  2. For training our model we collected tagged twitter data and pre-processed it. The tweets were labelled as either 'positive' or 'negative.'
  3. We used spaCy for text classification, which is an open-source python NLP library. Thus, training data was prepared and the model was trained for 10 epochs. The model is tested on the test dataset and it is observed to have a decent accuracy.
  4. This model is then used to classify the extracted tweets and also tag appropriate authorities as per the sentiment to bring crimes to their notice for immediate help.
  5. The auto retweet and reply features have been implemented using the twitter API and the Python tweepy library.
  6. The website UI/UX was designed using Figma and then developed using HTML, CSS and jQuery. Simplemaps were used to visualize maps with the relevant data and the twitter feed was embedded from

Challenges we ran into 🧠

  • Creating a model to perform sentiment analysis with a good model accuracy
  • Using the API keeping in mind the rate limit for Twitter API
  • Deploying the bot

Accomplishments that we are proud of 😌

We created a completely functional twitter bot, which can make a small difference in society.

What we learned 🤩

We learned how to use the Twitter API and the tweepy module apart from learning how to use Figma.

What's next for Fem-Bot 📈

➡ Tag authorities based on the geographic location

Currently the bot tags international authorities. It can be made versatile enough to tag authorities based on the geographic location of the twitter user and the crimes.

➡ Improve the sentiment analysis model

The accuracy of the sentiment analysis model can be increased in the future.

➡ Extend the bot to other crime genres

FemBot mainly focuses on gender related crimes and more prominently those against women. This model can be used for other genres of crime and be made more inclusive for other communities.

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